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International Cooperation

Jasa Association

The non-profit non-governmental organization Jasa, was founded in 1996 with the aim to actively “co-shape” the society by intervening the areas relevant for a quality wellbeing: environment, ecology, business ethics, European education, human rights, consumerism ... (in short: sustainable development and active citizenship).


The main area of work is raising awareness and finding solutions to important social, development and environmental problems. Jasa's field of expertize is in information dissemination and two-way communication through narrative literature, strengthened by high artistic illustration. Jasa cooperates with the most established Slovenian experts in the field of education, writing and art of painting. The transfer media, which Jasa uses for raising knowledge and awareness, is high quality art book.


Jasa is cooperating with more than 500 Slovenian companies, more than 100 Slovenian municipalities, with most important Slovenian Ministries and development institutions as well as with all Slovenian primary schools (451), all kindergartens (402) and high schools (183). More than 10.000 participants get yearly involved in its projects. These strong national contacts make Jasa not only a reliable partner for achieving high project results, but also guarantee a wide dissemination effect from a low to the top level. Jasa  cooperates also in specific international projects, financed mainly from the National Ministry’s and EU funds.


Jasa has received quite a few recognitions: for innovation in teaching techniques from Finance magazine and ASI (Slovenian Inventors’ Centre); for voluntary work a commendation from the President of the Republic and from Viva magazine; for the Grundtvig mobility in 2013 an Apple of Quality and the first prize from The Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes (CMEPIUS).

List of EU projects

Smart WatchInterreg Central Europe,CE1063 SMART_watch, 2.560.000 € (websiteFBsite )

EnFeMEC DG HOME, Application N°4000009131, 721.690 € (websiteFBsite)

Wild Life, 2017-2-NL02-KA105-001786, Erasmus+,23.850,00 € (FBsite)

Hands Up for Europeers,2016-2-UK01-KA105-024867, Erasmus+ 56.340,00 € (FBsite)

Time for tea 2016-2-UK01-KA105-024933, Erasmus+ 76.650,00 € (Website)

On the meadow of the wisdom 2019-1-SI01-KA104-060193 Erasmus+ 17.181,00 € (Website)          

Many Stories, One Conclusion 2018-3-PL01-KA105-061010 Erasmus+ 20.725,00 €

Green goas global, 2019-1-PL01-KA105-064359, Erasmus + 25.581,00 €

Time for tea 2019-1-PL01-KA205-064841 Erasmus+ 170.096,00 € (Website)

Mutual Share 4 Women Care 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007410 Erasmus+ 84.800,00 €

Empower:Me  2021-1-DA1 -KA210 Erasmus+ 60.000,00€

Tobies Friends  CREA-CULT-2022-COOP-101099012 199.800.00€

Pariahs CREA-CULT-2022-COOP-101100380 200.000,00€

Echoes 2021-1-KA210-ADU-C28837F9 Erasmus+ 30.000,00€

MindnArt 2023-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000155569 Erasmus+ 400.000,00€

IntegrAGE Interreg Danube, DRP0200406, 2.319.547,18€



 PIF Jasa association


List of the most important books:

  • CHILDREN AND FASHION (helps children to properly understand what to wear and to resist the consumerism’s logic)
  • CLOTHING AND FASHION (the culture of dressing for adults; it accentuates the importance of aesthetics and functional features of how to dress, at the same time it exposes the manipulative purpose of fashion)
  • FREEDOM AT THE EXAM (Is my freedom restricted? Is it limited by your freedom? The book also contains a Declaration of Children’s Rights)
  • THE STORY OF THE BOOK (wisdom for children; proven to strengthen reading habits)
  • EARTH HAS A HEART (a bookguide of ecology for all generations; created by literati and photo artists, children and ecology experts)
  • GENTLE HEART (a dramatic story about a girl Neža who is fair and responsible; she is constantly knocking on the conscience of classmates and adults and is gradually changing them - this suggests the possibility of changing the world)
  • SOUL OF SLOVENIA (beautiful features of the Slovenian nation through literary works of the best writers: from Primož Trubar and other literary giants as Prešeren, Cankar, Kocbek, Gregorčič, Kosovel … to a contemporary women-poet Maja Vidmar – and thirty living art painters. The book is truly a personal card of Slovenia's soul. It is also translated to English by expert literary translators)

List of implemented initiatives:

  • Company and Life, project focusing on ethically acceptable behaviour of SMEs
  • Soul of Slovenia, project focusing on Slovenian culture and intangible heritage
  • Where do you go, Europe? – project focusing on European values
  • Being Human is our Job – project focusing on the main moral values that every citizen should have
  • Earth has a Heart – project for children about protecting the environment
  • Children and Fashion – project on children’s fashion, how it should be understood
  • You are my Heart – project for children on human values, respect for others, moral values 


Jasa Association - Društvo Jasa

Kopitarjeva 1

2000 Maribor



PIC code: 934292749

OID: E10157879


e-mails: jasa@onezimosvet.si 



tel. +386 41 787 228


website: www.onezimosvet.si 


Facebook: FB Jasa

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