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EU Erasmus + project: Echoes

What is about

Project seeks to use culture and "intangible" heritage for the sake of social cohesion and prosperity, as well as to support innovation, employment and growth through creativity. Our goals will be realized through the development of an intercultural dialogue between collaborating actors from two different EU countries through the audiovisual sector, developing research, innovation, multilingualism and external relations.

Project's main activities:
1. Development of Research Guide targeting to investigate the Intangible Heritage effects on social sustainability
2. Transnational Training activity for upskilling the interviewing team to conduct efficient interviews
3. Conducting intergenerational interviews
4. Creation of digital archive of life stories regarding lifestyle and perceptions of people from different generations
5. Installation of Info kiosks in the involved communities
6. Dissemination Event

The main tangible results of the project are:
• Development of Research Guide
• Training material for conducting efficient interviews
• Collection of research evidences from interviews
• Production of audiovisual material from interviews
• Short edited videos
• Production and design of Interactive digital environment
• Installation of interactive multimedia equipment like info-Kiosk (indoor touch monitors) in communities
• Archiving intangible heritage


Project pertners:

Centre Dot, Cyprus

Museum PEO, Cyprus

Jasa Association, Slovenia