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The Transformation Game 

Have you ever imagined that a game could help you address and solve personal or professional criticalities in your life?

That playing a board game can be an educational course?


What could be better - fun and learning at the same time!



The Transformation game was developed more than 40 years ago in Findhorn Foundation as a tool for better teamwork and decision-making (https://www.findhorn.org/The Transformation Game is a registered trademark ®1986-2004 Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler, InnerLinks,Inc. All rights reserved).


This special and convenient tool offers the player a miniature model of his personal and professional life. As he moves along the playing field, he encounters all the problems that also occur in real life, due to interaction with other players.


This makes it easier for him to see the strengths and limitations that accompany him along the way. It is easier for him to face them and find solutions, as an experienced and trained facilitator of the Transformation game helps him in this. As well as teammates, as the game takes place in a constant dialogue and teamwork of all.


However, since it is only a game, we relax in it and find it easier to face some problems and to make changes to the real situation. Therefore, this game is also a powerful psychological tool for self-knowledge and personal growth.


An educational and transformational experience that will help you in both your personal and professional life.

How to play the game


At the beginning of the game, every player sets a personal purpose for the game in relation to his life/professional situation in order to gain a deeper insight.


It can be a personal purpose:

I will overcome the feeling of self-blame

I intend to trust myself

I intend to resolve the dispute between my partner and myself

I intend to be a mindful parent...


It can be related to professional life:

I intend to release work-related stress

I intend to be guided by my abilities

I intend to protect my borders and communicate my position with clarity

I intend to stop procrastination…


The game can also be a great tool for team building in the work environment. All players can set a goal related to improving working conditions:

We intend to establish satisfactory relationships

We intend to carry out the new development goal fully engaged

We intend to resolve conflict

We intend to reduce stressful working conditions…


Then the players sit down at the gaming table and begin the educational “journey”. Focused on the game goal, they roll the dice and follow the tasks from chosen fields. They move between fields that bring insights and accelerate progress and those that represent setbacks, where they face limitations, problems, inhibitory patterns of behaviour... Everything is even more authentic, because teammates interfere in each other’s games.


The game is played off for five hours (in the short version and for five days in the long). To reach a better understanding and purpose the travel requires four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That’s why the game takes time and personal engagement.


At the end of the game, everyone is enriched with knowledge and a clear vision of the situation: able to see new opportunities, understand stress patterns and inhibitory habits, to resolve conflicts more easy, to face better challenges and make the transition with new steps...


This in-depth, transformative personal journey will change your life; contribute to a well-being and a smoother journey along the path of your personal and professional life.

Book your Game of Transformation

A six-day workshop for Erasmus + education  

Transformation Game is also available as a K1 Education workshop for teachers, mentors and educators.

It is an innovative technique that helps educators in conflict management, leadership, career counseling and for the development of communication skills. Both for teachers and to help students.

It is also a brilliant tool for personal and professional development, for individuals as well as teaching teams. Teachers from the same school can use it as a team building workshop.

It is an intensive, 40-hour workshop (6 days). In which a maximum of four teachers participate. Knowledge (reading and listening) of the English language must be sufficient. The workshop is led by a skilled facilitator.

Read more here: Leaf through the presentation.

CMEPIUS - Erasmus plus

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