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Tobies friends

What is about

In order to find a solution to the continuous production of polluting products derived from films, books or video games, project Tobies friends is creating totally new derivative products for young people from 4 to 15 years old, which consist in putting culture at the service of nature through 3 axes: raising awareness, educating, acting with children up to planting trees.

Objective is to bring to life the ecological and inclusive message of Tobie Lolness (a character from the animated series) through concrete actions.

Families want to do something for the planet, to raise awareness and get their children involved, but don't know how. Three partners: Italian, Slovenian and Franch will create several simple and effective solutions, which will be tested for two years.


The Tobie's Friends project is based on the story, on inspiring archetypes, on getting children to take action and on giving them the means to do so thanks to a collaborative European structure bringing together a network of actors already in place.

Project partners 

Tant Mieux Prod, France

Museo dei Bambini di Roma, Italy

Jasa Association, Slovenia